Year: 2003
Running time: 64 min.
Language: English
Director: Justin Mitchell

Synopsis:: Dirty old town is a day in the life of Ted Leo and his band, the Pharmacists, as they descend on Coney Island, New York, for the 3rd Annual Siren Music Festival on July 19th, 2003.

Mixing a powerful live set with personal interviews and images of one of the most unique places in New York, Justin Mitchell--director of Songs for Cassavettes, the acclaimed portrait of the west coast punk underground--takes a deeper look at the man behind the critically praised albums 'Tyranny of Distance'E and 'Hearts of oak' (Lookout!).

Blending High Definition digital video, 16 mm, miniDV and digital stills, Dirty old town seamlessly cuts between different mediums and shows a powerful live set on a swelteringly hot day at Coney Island, symbol of both An old-fashioned Brooklyn and its recent resurgence. Through interviews, emotive storytelling, lyrics and blistering guitar work, Dirty old town examines Ted Leo's position in the rock world, one of an artist who strives to remain independent while steadily gaining a more mainstream audience.

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