Año: 2000
Duración: 54 min.
Idioma: Inglés doblado en castellano
Directores: Maria Agui Carter & Calvin A. Lindsay Jr.

Sinopsis: Este documental cuenta la historia del jazz desde sus orígenes. La primera música bautizada como jazz fue el estilo de Nueva Orleáns a principios del siglo XX. Pero donde realmente alcanzó su pleno desarrollo fue en Chicago a partir de los años veinte y posteriormente en Nueva York, donde triunfaron músicos de la talla de Paul Whiteman o Louis Armstrong. El documental incluye, además, los testimonios de historiadores, críticos musicales, periodistas y otros muchos expertos en el tema.

En este documental se cuenta cómo se demonizó, por parte de las sectas moralistas religiosas protestantes de la época, al Jazz. Principalmente porque era una música creada por gente negra, derivada del blues. Los blancos intentaron linchar esta música y a sus creadores, tachándolos de inmorales y de hacer apología del sexo libre. Clausurando locales donde se tocaba Jazz en directo. Incluso personajes famosos e influyentes de la época hicieron campaña para censurar y condenar el Jazz.


Year: 2010
Running time: 60 min.
Language: English
Director: J. Kevin Swain

Synopsis: Soul Train: The Hippest Trip in America is a 90-minute documentary that celebrates "the show's impact on pop culture, music, dance and fashion." Narrated by Oscar nominee Terrence Howard, features a rare interview with Cornelius during which he reveals details of the early days of Soul Train.
Included in the special are memorable moments and performances from the show, in addition to appearances by Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Smokey Robinson, Snoop Dogg, Aretha Franklin, Sly Stone, Cedric the Entertainer, Nick Cannon, Clive Davis, L.A. Reid, Leon Huff and Kenny Gamble.

Cornelius launched Soul Train in 1970 as a local show in Chicago before taking the show national one year later. The show featured breakout performances from Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and Barry White. Cornelius, who hosted the show until 1993, introduced the Soul Train Awards to extend the brand.

Soul Train wrapped up its run in 2006 after 35 years on air.


Year: 200?
Running time: 43 min.
Language: English

Synopsis: Nas explores the life of the son of an aspiring jazz musician and a hardworking postal worker who by age four was a self-taught trumpeter, shocking his father and the neighborhood by performing on the local street corner with his father's middle-aged friends.

His story is told trough exclusive personal accounts from friends and family including his father Olu Dara, Q-Tip, DJ Premier, Don Ienner President of Sony Music, MC Serch, hip hop journalist Kevin Powell, AZ , DJ Red Alert and his brother Jungle.


Year: 1990
Running time: 85 min.
Language: English
Director: Nicolas Humbert

Synopsis: Step Across the Border is a 1990 avant-garde documentary film on English guitarist, composer and improviser Fred Frith. It was written and directed by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel and released in Germany and Switzerland.

Shot in black and white, the 35mm documentary was filmed between 1988 and 1990 in Japan, Italy, France, Germany, England, the United States and Switzerland, and shows Frith rehearsing, performing, giving interviews and relaxing. Other musicians featured include René Lussier, Iva Bittová, Tom Cora, Tim Hodgkinson, Bob Ostertag and John Zorn.



Año: 2007
Duración: 95 min.
Idioma: Inglés con subtítulos en español
Director: Baillie Walsh

Sinopsis: Lord Don't Slow Me Down is a rockumentary film, looking back on British rock band Oasis' Don't Believe the Truth world tour which took place from May 2005 to March 2006. The film is directed by Baillie Walsh.

 A handful of fans-only private screenings took place around the world with the world premiere of the film at the Directors Guild Theater in New York City on 4 November 2006 as part of the CMJ Film Festival. The UK television premiere was on Channel 4 on 19 November, at 11:50pm, although it was a heavily edited version with approximately 40 minutes cut from the original 95 minute version. The film was unveiled to coincide with Oasis' compilation album Stop the Clocks, released on 20 November 2006. A preview of the film was included on the Let There Be Love DVD single, released in November 2005.

The film features a new Oasis song also called "Lord Don't Slow Me Down", written by Noel Gallagher and recorded during the Don't Believe the Truth sessions, Gallagher described it as being "one of the best things, like The Who, The Yardbirds and the Jeff Beck Group combined, and it's got two drum solos on it!". He has also said that his girlfriend thought it was the only Oasis song you could dance to. The song was left off Don't Believe the Truth because Gallagher felt that including it would have meant he'd have been singing too many songs on the record. Italian footballer Alessandro Del Piero also appears in the video signing a shirt for Noel.

Fuente: wikipedia


Year: 1997
Running time: 90 min.
Language: English
Director: Peter Spirer

Synopsis: Rhyme & Reason is a 1997 documentary film about rap and hip hop. Documentary filmmaker Peter Spirer interviewed over 80 significant artists in rap and hip hop music. This documentary explores the history of hip hop culture, how rap evolved to become a major cultural voice (and a multi-billion dollar industry), and what the artists have to say about the music's often controversial images and reputation. Interview subjects range from veteran old-school rappers, such as Kurtis Blow, KRS-One and Chuck D, to gangsta rap icons Ice-T, Dr. Dre, and MC Eiht, to several current rap hitmakers, including Wu-Tang Clan, The Fugees, and Sean "Puffy" Combs.


Year: 2012
Running time: 60 min.
Language: English
director: Dick Fontaine

Synopsis: 2011 was the 82nd year in the extraordinary life of arguably the greatest saxophone player in the world, Sonny Rollins. Four decades ago, as a young filmmaker and aspiring musician, Dick Fontaine followed Rollins up onto the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan during one of his legendary escapes from the perils of 'the jazz life'. Today, still resisting stereotype and compromise, and revered by a new generation of young musicians, Rollins continues his single-minded search for meaning in his music and his life. Dick Fontaine's film is built around the explosive energy of Sonny's 80th Birthday Concert, where legendary figures Roy Haynes, Jim Hall and Ornette Coleman join him to celebrate his journey so far, his music and its future for a new generation.

Dick Fontaine's film, made for the BBC's prestigious art series Arena, is built around the
explosive energy of Sonny's 80th Birthday Concert, where legendary figures Roy Haynes, Jim Hall and Ornette Coleman join him to celebrate his journey so far, his music and its future for a new generation.


Año: 1973
Duración: 45 min.
Idioma: Portugués
Director: Solano Ribeiro

Sinopsis: O documentário, "Novos Baianos FC", realizado por Solano Ribeiro ( simplesmente o homem que inventou e idealizou o formato "festival de música" no Brasil) em 1973 para uma emissora alemã, está disponível para quem quiser ver. Sem firulas ou efeitos, a película mostra o grupo em sua "praia", ou seja, no sítio comunitário-hippie de Jacarepaguá, com foco na música e no futebol. Ao se aproximar dos instrumentos, instrumentistas e vozes, o diretor confirma a paixão do grupo pela música ao ar livre (como o futebol) e prova que todos não só viviam suas composições, mas tocavam-as com fervor.

Fuente: almanaquedomalu.blogspot.com


Year: 1989
Running time: 41 min.
Language: English

Synopsis: Imaginary Landscapes is a profile of visionary composer, artist and producer Brian Eno. It brings into focus Eno’s seemingly disparate work in sound, vision and light, and explores his music in visual terms, based on landscapes and images that have shaped his life as an artist.

Source: synthtopia.com