Year: 2011
Running time: 47 min.
Language: English
Director: Michael Clemens

Synopsis: Directed by Michael Clemens and produced by Jesse Hunt (Incision Creative) and Caleb Wellum (A Reel Cool Hand) ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ follows the members of The Good Hunters, a young folk/rock band from southern Ontario who decide to go into the sublime landscape of the northern Ontario to record their debut album “Love You Baby”. The film documents the talented quartet as it experiences the highs and lows of making a record in a ubiquitous industry that is constantly looking for the next big thing. In a series of interviews, live performances, and in-depth footage, the story of a band embarking on a creative journey is slowly revealed. The film looks unflinchingly at the, the vulnerability, the inspiration, the camaraderie, and the frayed nerves behind the creative process. Informed by the pastoral landscape of the Canadian Shield, ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ explores a group of musicians tied together not by lines of kinship but a continuing engagement with the traditional music of the folk

(Source: othersongsmusic.com)

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